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Antonio's book STOP PITCHING START SELLING is the first in a series of books by Antonio. It was written after 30-years of face to face sales experience and based on his battle in the trenches with difficult buyers almost every single day. His techniques and ideas will inspire you to sell more and sell harder. Success in sales come from intelligent planning not just making more phone calls. You can get a free copy of Antonio's book. We'll pay for the book, you just pay for the P&P. 
Secrets inside...
· quickly start Turning more prospects into clients
· ready to use skills and  helpful techniques
· written by a seasoned pro of 30-years
the sales director
My name is Antonio Falco and I can be The Sales Director for your business.  Sales cannot be left to chance. For your sales team to deliver it must have the leadership & skill of a professional Sales Director.

Sales is an Art, a Science & a Profession to deliver results you need to understand The People, have The Strategy that's right for your business and be on top of The Numbers. 
The role of The Sales director is to increase performance, maximise sales & develop the sales team. For the results your business needs, you will get....
You'll soon see sales growth...
· Effective, target driven management of your sales team
· Direction, motivation and training
· Efficient, meaningful sales process
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the sales meeting
Success in business means accountability.  It also means finding and closing new business. 
Many small and owner run businesses find this hard to achieve.
The Sales Meeting is your opportunity to take a very focused view of your business and to set out targets and objectives to grow turnover and profit by growing your Sales.

Meeting quarterly in a small group of like-minded business people I will guide you through the development of your business helping to set various targets and objectives and help you focus on what really matters.
You will learn to ....
· Develop a strong sales strategys
· Focus on activity that brings results
· Enhance your sales knowledge and skills
about antonio
I first starting selling at the age of 11 ...
....when my father worked in a large printing company and used to bring home off cuts of books that I used as notebooks. Soon my classmates wanted them and so I started to sell them. It was pennies but to me I was earning a fortune, that is until my parents became concerned as to how much those pennies were adding up to and then the supply soon stopped.

Selling is not about 'the gift of the gab' I believe it truly is an art, a science and a profession and as the late great Sir John Harvey Jones once said, and I paraphrase 'The trouble with UK business is that they underestimate the true value of a professional sales person'.

I can only leave you with a testimonial from the greatest of all salesmen and my sales director that taught me all I know, thank you Dave.

"His ethos and professionalism along with his intellectual understanding of sales, the process and psychology is part of his performance that has made him successful. His knowledge of the sales processes allied to his skill and ability to put them into practice, have elevated him to ”Master of the Art.” Dave Huxley, Sales Director

Businesses trust Antonio Falco to deliver an effective sales strategy, build a strong sales team and get results.

Antonio is working with UK based businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA; if you want to see your sales grow - call The Sales Director now on 0207 7100 4281.

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