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What a 17th Century painting can teach us about Sales

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When I am in London, I always try to make a little time in my schedule to visit the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. It’s always good, if you can, at some point in your diary, allow yourself a moment of beauty or inspiration so for that short time you can see things from another perspective.

As you would imagine there are many wonderful paintings to look at, but the one I always head for, especially if I have little time, is a 17th Century self portrait of the philosopher and painter Salvator Rosa.

rosa-self-portrait-NG4680-fm Read More

Case Study – Cutting through the legal jargon

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Client: Eric Robinson – large legal practice based on the South coast with 5 offices. The practice handles both private and commercial work, offering the full range of legal services.

Challenge: Paul Sams, the Commercial Property Partner, was used to working with and dealing with lawyers and legal teams, and wanted a different perspective on his side of the business. He wanted to refine his sales techniques to increase the business he brought into the firm, and have a sounding board for ideas and challenges. Read More

Case Study: Untangling the web, adding 20%

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Client: FAT Promotions Ltd – based in East Sussex. This company provides internet marketing solutions including web design and hosting, email marketing, database creation, SEO and hosting.

Challenge: A successful growing business, FAT was struggling to keep up with the demands of new work. Fiona Allman-Treen, the Managing Director, felt they were not delivering the very best customer service due to limited capacity within the team. Like many business owners Fiona was not finding enough time to work on her business, rather than it.

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The Accidental Salesman

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The other week I found myself at a meeting with several other business people at which three presentations were to be made to us.

I always find these things interesting even though most of the time they also make me frustrated at some of the poor ways that presentations are given by so called professionals.

Technology doesn’t seemed to have helped,   Read More

Red Adair

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Whether it’s putting the fire out, getting back on track or putting the purpose and focus back into your business and your people – Antonio Falco can make it happen.

Red adair

Sometimes you just need to get a specialist in to tackle the problem.

If you need to get to the bottom of why your business isn’t where it should be, or you need a new perspective as to the direction it’s going, you can get an accurate assessment and the answers as to what to do next. Read More

Free has no value

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Too many of us have fallen into the habit of giving our product or service away for free thinking and hoping that this would be an effective technique for attracting new customers. If used correctly, then maybe it could work, occasionally.

For many, free doesn’t work because they do not understand how to use this rather complex technique as a way of attracting paying customers.
Instead, many are left with a feeling of despondency and a shattered confidence. If we can’t win a customer by giving it away, how on earth are we going to win a customer when we ask them to pay? Read More

Make the call

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The beginning of each year, for the main part, is a time of hope, aspirations and resolutions.

So if one of yours was to dig out that list of potential customers that you keep looking at and wondering if it’s ever going to happen; you know the one, don’t you? Now is the time to do it! Read More

Ask the questions – get the sales

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As promised we are continuing to explore sales in more detail. Gradually over the coming months we will examine various parts of the sales process, and how that might be refined, so you can achieve better success.

We all have people that have played a part in our career success, and I am no exception. For me it was Dave Huxley. He took me under his wing and taught me everything he could about sales. Thank you, Dave. Why am I telling you this? Because what I am about to share with you about sales this month, Dave taught me many years ago. Read More