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What a 17th Century painting can teach us about Sales

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When I am in London, I always try to make a little time in my schedule to visit the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. It’s always good, if you can, at some point in your diary, allow yourself a moment of beauty or inspiration so for that short time you can see things from another perspective.

As you would imagine there are many wonderful paintings to look at, but the one I always head for, especially if I have little time, is a 17th Century self portrait of the philosopher and painter Salvator Rosa.

rosa-self-portrait-NG4680-fm Read More

Why sales isn’t a mystery…

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Sales, I’ve touched on this topic before and I’ll be returning to it more frequently because if there’s ever been a time to get a better understanding of this it’s now. In my role as a Virtual Sales Director I work with a variety of businesses in the business to business sector. Whilst each business has its own idiosyncrasies they all share a fear of really embracing sales.

So for those of you who feel that it’s all a bit of a mystery let me promise you: it’s not. There is no mystery in sales, it is a profession and we still don’t value Read More