Antonio has been working with us since October 2014, acting as our Sales Director. He has done a very good job and helped to return our growth in sales to the targets I wanted of around 30%..

James Liu

Antonio then focused on sales – building and developing our skills. As a result we have seen our conversion rate improve by 100% – yes, you did read that right!

Chris Poulter

Antonio has very strong sales skills – he could sell snow to Eskimos! We have grown our business by over 30% in the last year, and I am certain that Antonio has paid a strong part in that growth..

Paul Malbon

I wanted to grow the business, but was struggling. Ultimately, the result has been a more profitable business, and a bigger one – we have grown by at least 20% every year since we have started working with Antonio.

John Corbin

Working with Antonio has totally transformed the way we do things at DWP. We have grown the business by 40% since Antonio has been on board, which is pretty impressive in the current climate.

Wayne Richards

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