Case Study: Untangling the web, adding 20%

By June 13, 2013Case Study

Client: FAT Promotions Ltd – based in East Sussex. This company provides internet marketing solutions including web design and hosting, email marketing, database creation, SEO and hosting.

Challenge: A successful growing business, FAT was struggling to keep up with the demands of new work. Fiona Allman-Treen, the Managing Director, felt they were not delivering the very best customer service due to limited capacity within the team. Like many business owners Fiona was not finding enough time to work on her business, rather than it.

How I solved it: Having talked to Fiona about the business journey, I soon realised that by restructuring her team she could delegate more, freeing her up to manage the business and strategise for the future. By setting up processes internally Fiona was confident that the business was able to offer the best results and excellent customer service, whilst motivating the team to feel part of the business.

I also recognised that whilst sales were good, the follow up process once work had been quoted for, needed tightening up. This would improve the flow of work, and allow Fiona to plan ahead.

The results: The team are far more engaged – they now work as a team rather than a group of individuals. They feel able to present ideas on both individual projects and the whole business. Fiona’s management style has altered and she feels confident in delegating more.

Best of all, sales have increased even more – but in a way the business is able to manage. By following up proposals Fiona is able to control the work rather than waiting for sales to fall in their laps. Fiona recognises that her approach to sales has changed enabling her to shape a better vision for the business.

“Just over a year ago we were in the enviable position of having too much business to handle. I needed to ensure I had enough capacity to deliver the services to our clients. I had been working with a consultant but his response to this challenge was to just dig in and keep going. I knew there had to be a better answer, and there was: Antonio!

Antonio’s strength is being able to look at a whole barrel of worms and identify what to focus on. He quickly realised that my team needed restructuring giving both them and me clarity and focus; he talked through how I needed to go about this and provided a sounding board. He coupled this with strengthening my sales process, so instead of waiting for work to fall in my lap I had a procedure for following up proposals and enquiries.

The results have been fantastic. There is far more team spirit – they feel engaged and motivated, and make suggestions recognising the bigger vision for the business. My approach to sales has improved considerably, and the bottom line is that turnover is up 20% year on year. I couldn’t be more delighted, and I am incredibly grateful for Antonio’s insight, support and direction.”

Fiona Allman–Treen, FAT Promotions Ltd

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