Case Study – Cutting through the legal jargon

Client: Eric Robinson – large legal practice based on the South coast with 5 offices. The practice handles both private and commercial work, offering the full range of legal services.

Challenge: Paul Sams, the Commercial Property Partner, was used to working with and dealing with lawyers and legal teams, and wanted a different perspective on his side of the business. He wanted to refine his sales techniques to increase the business he brought into the firm, and have a sounding board for ideas and challenges.

How I solved it: Looking at the way Paul approached sales I was able to offer some different strategies including the introduction of a referral scheme. Gradually over time I added in tactics to define the sales process, and overcome potential barriers.

By looking at the wider picture I guided Paul through a different thought process when handling selling. This has helped him to look for opportunities in places he may not have considered before, as well as gaining additional business from existing clients.

By challenging his thinking, I persuaded him that appointing a deputy would benefit not only the business, but Paul too. Freeing Paul up to develop his team and part of the business was essential to achieving the company’s goals for the future.

The results: The commercial property side of the business has grown by around 7%. 3-4% growth has come from one client alone. In addition, Paul has been freed up to strategise and grow the business now that he has had the confidence to appoint a deputy, and delegate. Having seen the results the company has decided to train all the staff on improving their selling skills, which I will be delivering over time.

From Paul Sams, Eric Robinson:

“When looking for an external perspective on our business I wasn’t keen on the formulaic approach taken by many business coaches, I wanted somebody focused on the right approach for us. Antonio is great at cutting to the chase. He listens; he takes what you are saying and sums it up in a few words, and then recommends a course of action. He doesn’t judge, but he is not afraid to say when he thinks you are getting it wrong. I like that. Even though we have planned sessions in the diary I know I can call Antonio at any time to get his take on a situation.

Antonio has given me confidence to delegate, to the point where I have now appointed a deputy, something I would have never done before. But sales is the area where I have felt Antonio’s impact the most. I now have a different model and focus for sales, with extra tactics that Antonio has built up over time. As a result not only is business increasing, but the type of client is changing too. We have already grown my side of the business by 6-7%. That might not sound like a lot, but it has necessitated us recruiting more staff to handle the increase in work. We are so pleased with Antonio’s impact on sales that he is going to deliver sales training across the business.”

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