Case Study; ‘Antonio helps get control – business up 20%’

By September 30, 2013Business, Case Study

Client:  Intelligent Controls (UK) – specialising in the provision of bespoke environmental controls systems in both domestic and commercial markets.

Challenge:  John Corbin, the business owner, had grown the business from scratch, but was struggling with being able to manage further growth. He wanted both a sounding board, and ideas and tools to move forward to the next level. John knew he needed to challenge his own thinking and to make changes.

How I solved it…

Like many business owners John is a perfectionist, he wants everything done the right way. I challenged him to test out delegating some tasks to his assistant, Nic, giving her the headspace to get on with it. He soon realised that the pain he was expecting was of his own making.

By breaking down the barriers, John was able to delegate more, and take the enormous leap of faith of recruiting more people. I gave him time management tools and techniques to control and monitor his own time, and to enable him to have time with his family rather than always being at work.

We spent time looking at his business development and sales skills. We built up strategies to strengthen and improve these, which gave John the confidence to go after more work.

The results:

John has now met new customers and manufacturers, leading to Intelligent Controls becoming the supplier of choice for many of the leading players in the industry. He is no longer scared of talking to people; he tackles business development with more confidence.

The business has become more profitable despite the increased costs of employing more people. Managing the team well, strong customer service is still a key deliverable.

Ultimately, John has grown the business 20% year-on-year, since we have been working together.

What John says about the experience:

“Before I started working with Antonio I felt like many business owners – overwhelmed by trying to get a handle on too many aspects of the business. I felt like I needed to do everything, and there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I wanted to grow the business, but was struggling to believe the company could service a greater demand.

How wrong I was!  

Antonio helped me to stop thinking like a sole trader and start thinking like an ambitious business owner.  I learnt the importance of letting go, and accepting that whilst everybody might not do a job in the same way, it didn’t mean it was wrong. Through learning strategies about time management and delegation I found myself feeling less burdened. Antonio has given me the confidence to recruit new people and know Intelligent Controls can still provide the quality service, of which I am so proud.

Ultimately, the result has been a more profitable business, and a bigger one – we have grown by at least 20% every year since we have started working with Antonio.”


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