Case Study: 100% improvement rate!

Client: Choice Mobile Mechanics – offers mobile car repair services from 19 locations across the South of England and the Midlands.

Challenge: The business had gone beyond the start-up phase and was growing, but Chris Poulter, the Managing Director, wanted to maintain the growth. He recognised that he needed some outside support to continue to increase turnover whilst also reviewing the profitability.

How I solved it: I started my work with Choice by looking at the way everything was handled within the business. It soon became apparent that nobody had a distinct role, and as a result nothing was streamlined. I helped them put in place specific roles and responsibilities for each person, and the processes to back that up.

Then I went on to review their sales processes. I trained and guided them on setting targets, taking and making phone calls and following up. We developed a culture of relationship building with customers, making it easy for them to repeat purchase.

I also suggested to them that they move into dedicated offices. This had a significant impact on the business – the team work more coherently together, and communication is stronger.

The results: The business has maintained their turnover month on month, reporting a recent increase of 10% over the best month last year. However, more significantly they have considerably improved their conversion rate. Relationships are also much stronger with customers, encouraging repeat business.

Chris now feels more in control of the business, and comfortable that the company is in the right place to handle further growth. He recognises that the changes that have been made were essential to sustain the development of the business.

What the client says:

“Working with Antonio has had a profound impact on my business. He has brought about a culture change within the company. Now everybody has a clear role to play and knows what is expected of them. Antonio then focused on sales – building and developing our skills. As a result we have seen our conversion rate improve by 100% – yes, you did read that right!

Antonio has a very direct and unorthodox approach – he says like it is, which is not only very refreshing, but also makes a lot of sense. If you want results, he’s your man.”

Chris Poulter, Choice Mobile Mechanics

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