‘Alright Buddy’

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‘Yeah hi, Antonio I’m just calling to offer you guys free complimentary tickets to ……..’

That was the opening line of a call I received recently. I was being offered tickets to a Sales Conference and they wanted to make sure that I was going to manage to get to this years’ event.

‘Jus’ wan’ed to let you guys have some tickets before they all wen’ it’s on for two days, be great if you could make boff’

I politely declined as I was already engaged.

‘Alright ‘hen buddy, maybe next time’

OK, so anybody that knows me and has read any of my articles will know where this is going. Read More

More taxing issues

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So the world is angry and feeling hard done by because the likes of Google are not paying what is felt to be their fair share of taxes. And whilst it may be right that people feel aggrieved at the derisory sum that Google, Facebook and others seem to have gotten away with paying; we have to ensure that in the process of expressing our indignation and sense of unfairness, we do not take our eye off our own business.

The mind is a powerful tool and can distract us from our day-to-day activity, which in the end means we will not be serving our business well. Recently a good friend of mine relinquished a project that she was working on, which, in physical terms, was demanding but the mental needs of the project was really weighing her down. When finally, the project was no longer her responsibility, she felt an enormous feeling of relief – ‘as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders’ she said, – how many times have you said that?

The ‘weight’, is the mental demand; the ‘relief’ is the knowing that you no longer have to think about something. No longer do you have to have it nagging in the back of your mind. That’s what makes you tired and that is what ensures you are distracted from your true ultimate objective and goal.

So, to lighten the load on this 3% Google tax fiasco, let me try and put some points into context. Read More

Surrey businessman confronts George Osborne at FSB conference over Google tax deal

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Falco also calls on businesses and individuals to be good corporate UK citizens that are treated with respect

AF attacks GO

Antonio Falco

The Chancellor George Osborne addressed the Federation of Small Businesses policy conference in London on Tuesday 02 February and he was challenged over Google’s controversial tax deal with HMRC by Surrey based Antonio Falco, a sales and business consultant, and the regional FSB chairman for Surrey and West Sussex.

“I don’t mind being in a tough game, all I want is the same rules,” said Antonio Falco, calling for a ‘level playing field’ Read More