I could probably say that I started in sales when I was 11. My father worked in a printing company and he used to bring home the off cuts of the books they printed, they served as small note books.

When one day I brought a couple to school, my classmates asked for one, so I started selling them. I was soon taking orders and was making 15 to 20 pence a week! You could buy a bar of chocolate or bag of crisps for that and still have change.

After eventually getting into sales, I got lucky and got a job with a company that taught me virtually everything I know. I worked in the IT and leasing industries combining the two in my last 2 roles.

I was top salesman pretty much everywhere I went. There were some tough companies where I saw sales people quickly come and go. I learned that whilst skill and talent were key to being top; tenacity, persistence and hard work weren’t far behind.

Sales isn’t about the ‘gift of the gab’, it’s both a science and an art. And salespeople fail because they don’t take it seriously and they don’t do the job.

 Over the 45 years I have been selling and in my numerous years in my capacity as a Sales Director overseeing the performance and management of many sales people I can confidently say that Antonio Falco ranks amongst the very best I’ve worked with.

His ethos and professionalism along with his intellectual understanding of sales, the process and psychology is part of his performance that has made him successful.

His knowledge of the sales processes allied to his skill and ability to put them into practice, have elevated him to ”Master of the Art” Dave Huxley, my sales manager from back in the day. 

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