‘Alright Buddy’

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‘Yeah hi, Antonio I’m just calling to offer you guys free complimentary tickets to ……..’

That was the opening line of a call I received recently. I was being offered tickets to a Sales Conference and they wanted to make sure that I was going to manage to get to this years’ event.

‘Jus’ wan’ed to let you guys have some tickets before they all wen’ it’s on for two days, be great if you could make boff’

I politely declined as I was already engaged.

‘Alright ‘hen buddy, maybe next time’

OK, so anybody that knows me and has read any of my articles will know where this is going.

To begin with, you do not call someone you’ve never met or ever spoken to and begin a conversation in such a colloquial, familiar and quite frankly arrogant fashion. This is not confidence, it’s arrogance and a severe lack of sales skill.

If you are calling someone new, before you start getting familiar, introduce yourself and your company. I had to ask, who they were.

Secondly, don’t be familiar. If you want to use someone’s name, ask them first. It’s not modern or cool or confident to ‘blast’ in thinking it’s OK. It isn’t. it just shows a lack of respect,

As I’ve written before, I blame the company and the management for not doing their job right and just throwing people in to the deep end, concerned only about the number of calls and not the quality.

The trouble is that in business I believe that one of the key rules of business is that you have to deliver the very best, no compromises. The tone, the language and the manner of the call and the approach, just put me off

Worst of all, they were trying to get rid of tickets to a sales conference.
The irony.


  • Tim Coe says:

    The irony indeed.

  • Keith Grover says:

    Waiting for a British Gas engineer to come and do a Landlord’s Safety check on our rented property close to our own, I received a call from a mobile number. When I answered I heard ‘Yeah , ‘ello mate, it’s Ed from British Gas – I’ll be there in ten minutes. OK mate?’ We pay an annual maintenance fee of over £120 which includes this check…

    When he arrived, he looked most put out at being asked to remove his wet boots before walking across the carpet. He then proceeded to render the boiler (which had been working fine) inoperable and was unable to complete the check, or get a repair engineer to come and fix it the same day, and left with his tail between his legs.

    Was I sympathetic and understanding? Not really – he hadn’t offered anything in the way of customer service from the outset. If he’d been more professional, I’d have put it down to ‘one of those things’. As it is, guess what sort of score he’ll be getting on the feedback form!

    • Antonio Falco says:

      Keith, how often are waiting in for service providers? I accept that it happens, no problem but it’s always the reaction that gets me.

  • Jon Jackson says:

    Dear Antonio,
    HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID JUST THAT TO “Blurter Sales Calls” ‘IS that XYZ’ ?? why says I? ‘cos I want to speak to him!! the answer will always be No! he is out and does not receive “cold Calls” from just anybody without a name !!

    As you rightly said – Introduce yourself and ask if you may speak to XYZ – my Co is *** and I would like to ask him *** :)

    Jon Jackson
    Infocus Security Systems Ltd.

  • Emma Morris says:

    Hello Antonio,
    Great post – sadly very relevant these days. It’s a shame that more sales people don’t realise that just a few manners will get you a long way. To your point, management (or lack thereof) has a lot to answer for.
    Kind regards,

  • Antonio Falco says:

    Emma, thank you. I just don’t believe like many including you I suspect, that it needs to be like this.

  • Great article, Antonio! I tend to find the entitlement attitude you describe is particularly common among younger people, and it’s almost enough to start me chuntering that “kids didn’t get away with that in my day”. Perhaps it’s old-fashioned, but manners cost nothing and for that reason I believe everyone does well to begin respectfully, no matter their age.

  • Albert Wright says:

    Different strokes for different folks. Might work for some. I don’t like it but am fairly tolerant of diversity.
    Let them waste their time and money. Yes they waste your time too but you got a blog out of it

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